About History Moves

History Moves is a public history project that presents underexplored aspects of Chicago’s history. We make public history accessible and meaningful to all Chicagoans by collaborating and curating with local organizations and residents to recount how they have changed the city and the course of its history. The mobile museum will move this history around the city, serving as a site for community engagement with ideas about the past and present.

History Moves prototype showcase History Moves prototype showcase History Moves prototype showcase History Moves prototype showcase History Moves prototype showcase

History Moves also engages in cultural partnerships through history making. Our toolkits will impart the skills required to produce and curate public history, with a focus on archival research, oral history, material culture and clear and concise writing. We will also work with area historical institutions such as libraries and archives to expand access to under-displayed historical sources.

The products of these collaborations will be situated in an innovative and adaptable museum-quality mobile venue. More than a wall-mounted traveling exhibition, the three-dimensional modular components of the gallery will allow for the secure display of artifacts, graphic materials, and digital technologies. The gallery will use affordable and sustainable materials to change how we interact with technology such that all visitors can engage with the space.

History Moves Team

Jennifer Brier: Project Director

Matt Wizinsky: Interactive and Digital Design

Ellen Mayer: Research Assistant

Raul Pena Gomez: Graphic Design/Website Development

Recent Press

The Body: The HIV/AIDS resource


DNAinfo Chicago

The Chicago Citizen



UIC Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy

UIC Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement

The Chancellor’s Discovery Fund for Multidisciplinary Research (UIC)

National Endowment for The Arts

Humanities without Walls

Transmedia Story Lab

Mellon Foundation


Jennifer Brier, Project Director

Ellen Mayer, Research Assistant


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