South Side Speculation

UIC- African American Cultural Center April 4th- June 28th

South Side Speculations was produced by the Transmedia Collage Project, a collaboration between History Moves (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Transmedia Story Lab (University of Chicago), with generous support received from the Humanities Without Walls consortium, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This exhibition grew out of a two-year intergenerational collaboration among Chicago-based high school students, arts and humanities scholars, and practicing artists and storytellers. Transmedia Collage investigated the impact of structural violence on health and wellness across the South Side, with a particular focus on Englewood, Greater Grand Crossing, Washington Park, and Woodlawn. The outcome was the various creation of  historically-grounded art and speculative media informed by discoveries. This exhibition seeks to provoke questions about how we want the future of Chicago‚Äôs South Side to look, as it resists easy answers based on dominant representations of the city today.

Previously at Art Incubator January 18th- March 1st

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