Living Women's History of HIV WIHS

I’m Still Surviving: A Living Women’s History of HIV/AIDS

Beginning in 2015, a group of women in three different locales, Chicago, Brooklyn and in and around Raleigh-Durham, agreed to take part in History Moves, an ongoing public history that seeks to collect and present community-based histories to a broad audience. A collaboration between historians, designers, and community members, History Moves’ mission is to support people in becoming historians of their own lives and communities. In this iteration of the project, History Moves aimed to produce a women’s history of HIV/AIDS, called “I’m Still Surviving,” a phrase that came from one of the Chicago participants.

I’m Still Surviving is a living women’s history of HIV/AIDS. In this digital exhibition, you will find hundreds of excerpts from 39 women’s oral history narratives, each of whom comes from cities and towns in one of three states: New York, Illinois and North Carolina. Their lives share similarities and differences that can be tracked in minute detail, even as the connections among them can go in infinite directions. We invite you to engage and participate in this material, all of which when taken together raises a set of surprising issues and experiences about what health means and how we can live in a world that centers wellness in direct response to systemic violence and racism.

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