I’m Still Surviving: A Living Women’s History of HIV/AIDS

Beginning in 2015, a group of women in three different locales, Chicago, Brooklyn and in and around Raleigh-Durham, agreed to take part in History Moves, an ongoing public history that seeks to collect and present community-based histories to a broad audience. A collaboration between historians, designers, and community members, History Moves’ mission is to support people in becoming historians of their own lives and communities. In this iteration of the project, History Moves aimed to produce a women’s history of HIV/AIDS, called “I’m Still Surviving,” a phrase that came from one of the Chicago participants.

History Moves Meets WIHS Chicago

Through a participatory process that included workshops, collaborative working sessions, the use of specially designed history-making toolkits and plenty of candid dialogue, the History Moves team worked with the women of WIHS Chicago to create their own chapter in the history of Chicago. The women worked in pairs to interview one another, producing stories of […]

In Plain Sight – Dec 2016-April 2017

In Plain Sight: A Women’s History of HIV/AIDS in Chicago   In Fall 2015, students from the University of Cincinnati worked with the women of WIHS Chicago to present their stories as a public and collective history. This exhibition, In Plain Sight, shows that women living with HIV have moved from the margins of what […]